Club Rules

Here is all the info you need to get started with MSMXC. If you would like to join Mid Sussex please send an SAE to
Mid Sussex MCC,
PO BOX 314,
TN22 9FN

Any Membership queries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Auto's = £20 

Juniors, SW85, BW85 & Y125 = £31 
Open 'A' & 'B' = £36 

Yearly Club Membership is £40 for a single rider.
£10 for each additional family rider. (immediate family members only)

Yearly ACU Licence - £48

Auto Licence - £25

ACU Day Licence £15

Day Club Membership £5


General Rules

 It is a ruling of the Mid Sussex Club that we do not allow riding in the paddock or bikes being walked through the paddock with the engines running, this is for the health and safety of all in the paddock area. Please ensure that all riders have dead engines from the end of the run off strip

Please note that bicycles are not permitted on the track at anytime, electric bikes are not permitted to be ridden in the paddock

Litter - in order to keep our land owners/farmers happy, please always take your litter home with you

All riders must bring their licenses to all meetings, if they are unable to produce their license they will not be able to ride.

Access to all Venues on the Saturday before a race meeting is strictly from 4pm. There will be no admittance before hand due to Health & Safety and the movement of heavy machinery


Scrutineering Requirements

Please make sure that ALL helmets show the ACU Gold sticker.

ALL Bikes will need to be scrutineered before you sign on, so please can you ensure that you thoroughly check your bike before it is looked over (i.e wheel bearings, head stock bearing, brakes, throttle, spokes, foot pegs, general tightness of nuts & bolts and an appropriate front sprock guard is fitted etc etc) also in order to help with lapscoring could could you please ensure you have clear visable numbers, you will then be issued with a card which you will need to hand in at signing on.

Sprockets must have guards fitted to prevent, as far as possible, the entry of fingers or clothing


Groups, Ages & Capacities

CADETS 6 – 8 years Maximum
50 cc 2 Stroke Automatic or 4 stroke Automatic. No manual clutch.
Wheel Sizes – 12" Rear 15" front or Manufacturers if larger.

JUNIORS 7 – 10 years
Maximum 65 cc 2 Stroke or 110 cc 4 Stroke.
Wheel Sizes – 12" Rear 14" front or Manufacturers if larger.

85 Small Wheel Intermediate 9 – 12 years
Maximum 85 cc 2 Stroke or 150 cc 4 stroke
Wheel Sizes – 14" Rear 17" front

85 Big Wheel Senior 11 – 15 years
Maximum 85 cc 2 Stroke or 150 cc 4 stroke
Wheel Sizes – 16" Rear 19" front

Open Youth 14 – 17 years
Maximum 145 cc Two Stroke Minumum 200 cc 4 Stroke Maximum 250 cc 4 Stroke 
Wheel Sizes – 19" Rear 21" front

OPEN GROUPS (ADULTS) 17 years up
Minimum 125 cc 2 Stroke, Maximum 450 cc 4 Stroke

Flag Rules

Please know your flags as any rider who fails to observe the flag signals and/or gains and advantage will be penalised.

RED - ALL Riders must stop. Riders must not pass any red flag unless authorised or directed to do so and then proceed at a slower pace.

BLACK - with the riders number clearly shown on a board. That Rider to stop racing immediately and leave the track.

YELLOW MOTIONLESS - Danger Take Care, Ride with Caution

YELLOW WAVED - Great Danger, prepare to stop, no overtaking. A significant reduction in speed must be seen, therefore no jumps should be attempted.



WHITE WITH A RED CROSS - Medical Attention required at that post.

Any rider who is judged to have taken an unfair advantage whilst a yellow flag is displayed and waved, or ignored any other flag signal, may be disqualified.



Autos - Black background with White numbers

Juniors - Black background with White numbers

85 SW - Red background with White numbers

85 BW - Green background with White numbers

Youth Open - Black background with White numbers

Adult A & B -

100 - 145cc 2 stroke and 125 - 250cc 4 stroke Black background with White numbers

146 - 650cc 2 stroke and 251 - 650cc 4 stroke White background with Black numbers

Mid Sussex will continue to accept White background for the auto group and Blue background for the youth open (seniors) group for the 2014 season but please be aware that other acu clubs may not accept them.

Please could you also make sure that all of your number boards are clearly visible and easy to read as poor numbers can lead to issues with the results and these take time to resolve, the lap scorers job is difficult enough at times so lets not make it any harder.


Marshalling Rules

Mid Sussex is a “no marshal no ride” club, however we cater for everyone by running a dual system of marshal or pay.

We have a regular team of paid marshals, riders who don’t want to marshal pay an additional £20 per meeting and we pay the team to marshal.

By logging every rider I created a percentage based system as follows: if your family has 1 rider and you attend regularly then your percentage of duties/days off during the course of the year will be around 50% across your attendances, if your family has 2 riders, this percentage is 65% and if 3 riders then 75%. For example for 2 riders we don’t expect you to marshal the morning for 1st rider and the afternoon for the 2nd rider you will only do 1 session but will be expected to marshal more often to make up the shortcoming for the 2nd rider having no marshal. Occasional riders/visitors are expected to provide a marshal or pay to not marshal.

Example of numbers needed to run a meeting: a morning at Oxshott requires 16 flag marshals, 2 start gates marshals, 1 take off, 1 time keeper, 1 peg lady, 1 points runner, 3 or 4 lap scorers, and these marshal duties again for the PM session equals 50 marshals. Also in addition there is the track prep team and track clearance team. So overall total is in the region of 60 – 65 jobs per meeting.

If anyone would like to join track clearance team as your marshal duty, this will give you race day free of duties until racing is finished, then please let me know.

Sharon Clements
Chief Marshal

If you have any questions please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Booking in

Booking in is Via the ACU website, MEMBER's can Book In from Monday Evening 2 weeks before and VISITOR's from the week prior to the Event. All Riders MUST be prepared to supply a Marshal, no Marshal, No ride.


MSMXC Constitution


MSMXC 2016 AGM minutes


MSMXC Membership Form